Monday, July 20, 2009

Osfest Day 3

This one was short and sweet. It being Sunday, a good number of people had checked out, were in the process of checking out or recovering from late night room parties. I imagined an empty room at my single panel that day when Megan and I arrived to find a near-empty parking lot. Fortunately, there was a pretty full room for the "Worst Mistakes Made by Beginning Writers" panel. And that's good, because I brought a list. It was a great panel with some very interesting points. I even learned a few things, other than the fact that I'm guilty of making a lot of the same mistakes that were on my list. Having memorized the layout of the dealer's room and without anything else striking my fancy for that day, we left. Speaking of dealer's room, I did pick up a cool memento from my first "I'm a guest now" con. There's always someone selling swords and daggers at these things, but I've never found one that looks like it could be a Blood Blade. Well, my luck changed for the better. It's not exactly like the one on the cover, but it's the sort of thing I imagined when describing the weapon. Niiice.

It was a fun con and great one to get my feet wet as far as participating in panels and such. I won't be going to another one until Archon in St. Louis. For those of you that couldn't make it to Osfest, I hope to see you there!

Right now, it's back to work on Skinners #3. I'll wrap up the last big edit (before a real editor gets a hold of it) and send it in. After that, a whole new set of stressors will kick in. The writer's life for me.

This is what happens without editors

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