Saturday, November 7, 2009

Just one more fix!

I'm trying to be good. Honestly. Now that Megan and I have committed to going to the World Horror Convention in the UK, we've been trying to cut down on expenses. One of the easiest to should be video games, right? I mean, they're not food or rent. I'll go cold turkey.

No, wait. There are some major releases coming. I'll ONLY get the super big deal ones like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 next week. If there's anything like the Nazi Zombie mode on World at War, I'll be in deep for a while. Hell, even without zombies, Modern Warfare kicks butt. Gotta get that one.

Last night, Megan and I played the Left For Dead 2 demo. Ok. We've gotta get that one too. That's more of a family expense. We play that together, so it's like cutting out other entertainment like leaving the house or getting regular amounts of sleep. Speaking of stuff Megan and I play together, New Super Mario Bros for the Wii is coming out soon too. Well that's Mario. You gotta get MARIO!

Let's see. What can I cut out to make way for this? Do we really need extras at the grocery store like meat or laundry detergent? Hey, we've got plenty of dish soap. Detergent is out. We don't leave the house anyway, so who cares if our clothes are grimy? Yes! Perfect sense right?

Please buy Howling Legion. I NEED THE ROYALTIES!!!!

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