Thursday, August 22, 2013

Drum roll please.....

I’m not a big one for a lot of talk and promises, but…after a lot of talk and promises, the seventh SKINNERS book has finally been released! It took a bit longer for it to appear on Barnes & Noble, but I’m guessing that was just some weird computer holdup or something. The important thing is that Forged from Ash is out and ready to be read. So…go and download a copy! It’s also on Kindle and Smashwords.

For those of you who have read it, I’d appreciate you leaving a review at the site where you purchased it. That really does help an ebook along. Some of you have commented that this one ended with some loose ends and to that, I plead GUILTY. Now that I’m able to get my books out there again, I can continue running my series how I like. I’ve always seen this as a series that rolls along and evolves without everything wrapping up nicely at the end of each book. To accommodate this, I need to approach publication of the series in a new way. Fortunately, I can now do that. For Skinners, the plan is to write shorter books and release more of them per year. It took a while to get settled with a new cover artist, new publisher (Crossroad Press has been amazing!) and a new way of doing things. I’ve also been busy with other stuff, but now I’m rollin’ and things are looking good.

Ideally, I’d like to put out three Skinners books a year. I’ve also got other series to work on and I’d like to get them all chugging away as well. I’ll keep you updated on those. When it comes to the next Skinners book, I’m shooting for a release date somewhere around February or March of 2014. Until then, stay in touch and thanks for sticking with me. I’m doing my best to make you all glad you did!

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