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  “A hell of a lot of fun…Fans of Jim Butcher and Laurell K. Hamilton will definitely want a bite of this!”
-       Jonathan Maberry, author of Patient Zero and V-Wars.

     “Peels you right down to the nerve. A must-read.”
-       E.E. Knight, author of the Vampire Earth series.

     “An action-packed, blood-soaked ripsnorter of a monster-hunter series.”
-       Tom Piccirilli, author of Midnight Road.

     “Arguably one of the most underrated paranormal fantasy sagas out there.”
-       Paul Goat Allen

Book 1: Blood Blade - There is a world you don't know about, inhabited by supernatural creatures of darkness - Vampires, werewolves and all manner of savage, impossible beasts that live for slaughter and blood. But for centuries a special breed of hunter has kept the monsters at bay, preventing them from breaking through the increasingly fragile barriers protecting our mortal realm. These guardians are called Skinners. But beware...for there are very few of them left.

Book 2: Howling Legion - Cole Warnecki was designing video games for a prospering software company when he learned the truth-that foul creatures of the night lust for our blood...and our world. Now he's a Skinner, a member of an ancient secret society of warriors entrusted with standing against the legions of shapeshifters. But those monsters are now free, razor claws ripping, and descending on our cities. No one knows what's coming, but Cole and his seductive partner, Paige, will be the first to dive into the meat grinder. 

Book 3: Teeth of Beasts - A pestilence is raging through an unseen community of low-level monsters. What seems, at first glance, a boon for the mortal cause has horrific connotations-as the Skinner team of Cole Warnecki and Paige Strobel races across the Midwest to uncover the shocking secret of the Mud Flu. A nightmare of destruction and blood sacrifice is looming-one born of an unholy meeting nearly two centuries ago-that will pit man against beast, and Skinner against Skinner.

Book 4: Vampire Uprising - Among the articles left behind by a legendary Skinner are runes, potions, and powerful weapons to aid in the ongoing war against unspeakable creatures that still prowl on the fringes of normal human consciousness. But there is something else: the remains of a terrifying beast no other Skinner has ever encountered. And it isn't dead. Cole and Paige are well armed for their fight, but that may still not be enough to defeat the creature they now face. As Paige confronts the secrets of her past, the First Deceiver-humankind's darkest nightmare-has been set free.

Book 5: The Breaking - All manner of monstrosities are raining hell on a small western town-which is why Paige heads there with a band of Old World Skinners who have been battling monsters for centuries using antiquated, yet oddly effective weaponry. 
Elsewhere, Cole is being held prisoner by persons - or things - unknown. For all Skinners, a search for answers has become a battle for survival. Mankind's future is balanced on a knife blade. The apocalypse is certain unless they can uncover the truth behind a force powering monsters and hunters alike. 

Book 6: Extinction Agenda - Humanity is under siege. Shapeshifters, vampires and half-blood werewolves freely prowl the streets of the world's cities. Full Blood gather to descend en masse from the dark wilderness. The police and military are helpless, and only the Skinners can forestall the tactical nuke strikes the Army has planned as a last resort. With Armageddon at hand, Cole and Paige seek a union with mysterious European blood hunters, the Gypsy Amriany, as a final means to preventing the monster apocalypse. Is the only possible outcome at the end of this war total extinction? 

Book 7: Forged From Ash - Narrowly avoiding extinction at the hands of the Full Bloods, mankind had its eyes brutally ripped open to the truth of what lurks in the darkness and the fight has spread to a global scale. The Skinners were dealt an almost crippling blow with the rise of the shapeshifters and have since scattered. Some have joined forces with the Inhuman Response Division, a coalition of remaining military forces. Others have sided with The Vigilant, a faction of violent zealots thriving in this lawless world. And some are in hiding, waiting to rejoin the fight. Terror rules this land, roaming in packs, evolving, leaving the stench of death in its wake.

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