Thursday, May 22, 2008

Aliens. Why'd it have to be aliens??

Just got back from Indiana Jones and....well....yeah.
If anyone's reading this that's worried about spoilers, don't go on. I'd warn you about your worst fears for this movie coming true, but I won't say my opinion carries over to everyone.

The science fiction stuff became pretty obvious pretty quickly. I've been purposely avoiding reading anything about it online, but it wouldn't have stopped me from going anyway. Maybe one of those 1-second time portals where I can look in on myself and say, "Just don't." And "Sit up straight in that chair." would have helped.

There were some really good moments. Some very cool nods to the other movies, Harrison Ford wasn't too old to play the part and Shia wasn't bad. There were even some moments that felt like an Indiana Jones movie. know.

Why, Steven Spielberg? Why Area 51, interdimensional beings and all this other crap when there's countless other legends and mythological sources to draw from? Have Indy go after something with the Greek gods or something from Incan legend or African folklore or God only knows how many other sources of cool monsters/powerful artifacts/temples there are.

I'm willing to cut Indy plenty of slack in the reality/believability department, but the nuclear blast thing? That's pushing it. Even after that, fine. I'll go along with some good chases, but I found myself sitting in the theater mumbling, "Please don't let those alien things come to life. Please don't...damn." Then it was, "Please don't let that be a ship. Please don't let that be a SHIT!!"

I really wanted to like this movie. I REALLY did. I had faith...just like I had faith in Star Wars Episode 1. At least this time they didn't cut the best character in half at the end of the movie.

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