Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ok, I've been slacking on the ol' blog lately. Sorry about that. The good news is that it's mainly because I've been hard at work polishing the manuscript for Skinners 4: Vampire Uprising. Did I mention that was the title yet? If not, it's a little bonus treat. If so, my memory sometimes fails me. We've covered that before. Or have we?

Only a few more months until Skinners 3 hits the shelves (April 27th). Then 4 will be out in October. I like this release schedule because the books are really starting to flow continuity-wise. I'm able to leave a few tantalizing cliff-hanger-type things from book to book without there being too much space in between them. Things are looking good in Skinnerville. Maybe that should be a new Facebook game? You could feed your little werewolves and build up enough Full Bloods to lead a charge into the Webkinz universe. THAT would be cool. Although, I am a little sad that I know what Webkinz are.

In other news, the Paige tattoo on my leg is coming along as well. She's all but done and looking fine! Shimmy's is in the background and all that's left is for the bright neon in the tacky strip club sign to be lit. I'll post some pics when it's completed next month.

I've figured out my new Droid phone to the point that it's become permanently grafted to my hand. Of course, that means I need to charge the battery every hour or two but that's the price I pay for being able to wave it around as it makes cool lightsaber sounds and plays Duel of the Fates. AWESOME!!!

That's about it from here. How are you?

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