Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Laptop days

Well, it looks like my computer was definitely hit by a virus. Don't know where I picked it up or how. I don't do a ton of web surfing other than some ol' standby sites and I've got no fewer than 3 anti-virus programs running at any given time. Ugh. The computer's in the shop getting cleaned out and I'm working from my laptop. The good news is that my laptop is working out pretty well. It's not the best piece of machinery, but it does its job nicely. And since my main computer can't even keep up with my phone in the Internet department these days, the laptop just became a superstar.

I'm hitting my stride with Skinners 5. Things are moving nicely and a plot is taking shape. I've never been the sort of writer who outlines every twist and turn. Mine is a more fluid process where I'm constantly trying to surprise myself and asking "What if THIS happened?" That's the cool thing about writing. Unlike watching movies or reading, I can actually make that stuff happen! Good times.

Things are also shaping up for the conventions. I've got three lined up with more to come. Keep your eyes on the top of the blog for details and don't forget to email me if you want a signed cover from Book 3. Hope to hear from you soon.

This is what happens without editors

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Free Stuff

Here's how it goes. As usual, I've got my truckload of promo covers from EOS Books. I'll be going to some conventions, so I hope to see you there and I'll gladly sign your books. If you can't make it to a con, just email me your name, address and any inscription so I can send you a signed cover.

BONUS ---> If you would be so kind as to write up a review for any or all Skinners books and publish it on a site like, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or any other major review site, I can send you something extra. I made up some bookmarks (which I'll sign) and I've even put together some Shimmy's VIP passes (which I'll also sign). Can't guarantee the passes will get you into a real strip club, but I think they look pretty cool. Send me a link to your review along with your name, address and inscription, and I'll get these out to you as well.