Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Billy Goat...NO MORE!!

I realize I age like any other mortal. I creak. I ache. Now, I can't just eat anything I want. Ok, let's not panic here. I had a jalapeno and cheese bagel which disagreed with me the MOMENT I got it down. Why does this warrant a blog post? Actually, it doesn't. Next question.

Why does this show up on my radar? Because I  used to be able to eat damn near anything without more than a brief moment of discomfort followed by some gurgle or burp that made it all better. You know, like when the Tasmanian Devil swallows some dynamite, his stomach swells for a second and then he spits out some smoke? Just like that!! Ahh, youth.

Feeling this bit of mortal discomfort made me understand how Superman felt when he got slapped around by that trucked dude from Gremlins in Superman 2. Clark and Lois were at that little diner somewhere...was it in Metropolis or somewhere out in the arctic? I was never clear on where that place was. Hmmm. But when Clark gets tossed off of Gremlin dude's stool and sees the blood on his face, he has this expression that's a mix of shock, disbelief, fear and shame. I know how that feels now.

Or...could've been a bagel that would have turned anyone else into a pile of puking, diarrheal mush. Yeah! That's it!! Now I've found my conveniently placed power crystal that restores me in the event I step into the oddly placed chamber robbing me of my powers!!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you really need to watch Superman 2.

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