Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heroes makes me sad

Oh, Heroes. You started off so well. The first season was a bit slow, but headed in the right direction. It picked up and had a somewhat uneven finale. Ok...the first season finale was just dumb. The second season was cool. Still had some dumb moments, but enough good stuff to keep me going. This season started off really well! I was back on board after being skeptical about picking up so long after the writer's strike. Then, it derails.

Watching this last episode was kind of like watching a toy car flop and spin around after being kicked over. There's no direction. No hope of saving the race. It's just floundering pathetically and grinding its gears. Yes, I said pathetically. Nothing on this show makes sense anymore. Stuff that's supposed to be mysterious is just stupid. Even worse, I find myself looking at the clock and wondering when it's over instead of being surprised that another hour has gone by. I know pretty much everyone says Heroes is done, so I guess I've gotta agree. I don't even care what they come up with next season.

On the happy front, I've been playing the living hell out of Gears 2. You just haven't lived until you and your co-op partner pull off a DOUBLE chainsaw kill on one Locust drone. So far, I haven't found anything wrong with that game. Story problems? Not really. It's not trying to be anything it ain't and it's succeeding at being everything it is. That sentence makes more sense after re-reading it.

This is what happens without editors

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