Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I had to fast yesterday because it was time to get my cholesterol checked. If you've read Skinners and noticed how much loving attention I pay to various food stuffs, you might have figured out I love to eat. I've kept my love in check for the most part,but I consider eating to be one of the pure joys that comes along with living. It's one of the sweet little rewards we get for inhabiting this stack of meat and calcium we call a body. Long story short, I got my blood drawn and so fasting over. I'm not too worried about the results, but at least my doctor will be happy.

When I was done with my fast, Megan and I went to the Hollywood Diner that just opened not too far from home. I love diners. Breakfast all day long. Awesome coffee. Corned beef hash. What am I missing? Oh yeah. Peanut butter burgers!! I've never heard of these and have never thought about tasting one. When I saw this on the menu, I was reminded of that little yellow dude from the Saturday morning short cartoons who told me, "Don't knock it 'till you've tried it. Put a little on your plate! Some kids may not like it. Some may think it's great!!" Remember him? Or maybe that was just a strange dream. Anyway, I thought this burger was just too weird to pass up. About a quarter pound of beef with bacon and peanut butter under a layer of Swiss cheese. The pickles were optional, but I thought they pulled the whole thing together. It was that touch of crispy sour amid the squishy gooeyness that told me, "DAMN, that was good!" They even made their own kettle chips to go along with it. I have found a new haunt.

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