Friday, September 24, 2010

Fish 'n Fan Pages

When I first signed on to Facebook, I started a Fan Page for Blood Blade. Didn't really know what to do with it, slacked, didn't follow up with subsequent books, it petered out. Well, now that I'm more familiar with the whole process and there's more going on with Skinners in general, I've started a page for the Skinners series. Just go to Facebook, search for Skinners and look for the official page. It's that simple! There's some gadget that's supposed to allow me to put a cool link directly to Facebook onto this site, but that part wasn't so easy for me to figure out.

So lately I've been trying to eat healthier. Part of that includes eating more fish (you know...because it's fish). I'm not a huge fish expert, apart from my definitive knowledge that fish sticks are DEFINITELY different that fish patties. Although both go well with mac & cheese, patties have a lighter, flakier crust while the sticks are crunchier and better for dippin'. Now that I've been trying to cook with "real" fish, I find myself buying those bags of frozen Tilapia, Flounder and Salmon without really knowing what the difference is between them. Last night, I found out that Salmon comes with some skin still on it. That kind of freaked me out. I flip over this cut of fish to still find scales on the freaking thing! Am I supposed to eat the skin? You can eat chicken skin. Is it the same for fish? I didn't want to push it, so I cut it off. "A-ha!" I thought. "Now I know what that thin, curvy knife that came with my steak knives is for!" Grilled it up with some Mrs. Dash, made some rice and had some green beans. Healthy meal. Long story short, I still prefer patties and sticks.

Has everyone forgotten about the whole Shimmy's pass thing? There seemed to be some interest when I was working on them and now that they're done, I've only sent a couple out! All it takes is a quick review of any or all Skinners books on Amazon, Barnes & or some other site. Send me the link to your Skinners review, your address and any inscription and I'll send you a Shimmy's pass, or some bookmarks...even some covers (all signed by me). Sounds like a cool deal. Ok. Enough begging. You get it.

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Free Stuff

Here's how it goes. As usual, I've got my truckload of promo covers from EOS Books. I'll be going to some conventions, so I hope to see you there and I'll gladly sign your books. If you can't make it to a con, just email me your name, address and any inscription so I can send you a signed cover.

BONUS ---> If you would be so kind as to write up a review for any or all Skinners books and publish it on a site like, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or any other major review site, I can send you something extra. I made up some bookmarks (which I'll sign) and I've even put together some Shimmy's VIP passes (which I'll also sign). Can't guarantee the passes will get you into a real strip club, but I think they look pretty cool. Send me a link to your review along with your name, address and inscription, and I'll get these out to you as well.