Friday, February 1, 2008

5 Stages of Editing

I know this whole editing thing is getting stale, but I came up with this and it seemed fitting. It was also funny because I go through this EVERY TIME I edit something. Even when I know it's coming and what will happen, I still go through every step:

Stage 1 ) Anticipation - “I can barely wait to see what my editor thought about that manuscript! It’ll really be great to get back to work on it and move this project along. YAAAYYYY!!!”

Stage 2 ) Denial - “What are all these marks doing on my manuscript? I guess the editor needs to earn their pay somehow, but it should make them happy if I work in a few of their

Stage 3 ) Anger - “What the HELL?? Whoever scribbled all over my goddamn work must be ON SOMETHING!! What is this GARBAGE? If THEY’RE so smart, why don’t

Stage 4 ) Depression - “Oh my God. These suggestions are right. They’re all right, which means I was all wrong. This editor was right all over the place and I just suck! Why am I doing
this? How do I get paid for this? I suck!”

Stage 5 ) Acceptance - “You know what? Most of these suggestions are good, so I’ll use them. The ones that aren’t so great, I’ll just STET and move on. This is why there are buildings full of editors in New York. I come up with my part, they do theirs and
a book is born. What was I going on about before? Jeez! I sure won’t go through all this next time.”

Yeah, right

---Right now, I'm drifting back and forth between stages 4 and 5. If any other writers out there are pulling their hair out, know you're not alone. And if you already knew that. . .well, good for you.

This is what happens without editors

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