Monday, February 25, 2008

Hasta la vista...ehh forget it

Has anyone been watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles? I was pumped about it from the start, since most anything Terminator-related is bound to be at least fairly cool. Terminator 1 is a classic and I still proclaim that T2 is one of the granddaddies of all action movies ever. I even thought T3 was all right.

Sarah Connor Chronicles started off pretty cool. There’s some good action and the effects are easy on the eyes. I think the actors who play John and Sarah are really good. What bugs me is the little Terminator girl. In the first episode, she tricked John into being a friend because she was sweet and friendly to him. She seemed like a real girl to fool his character and to fool the audience. Once she’s revealed as the friendly Terminator, all her personality goes bye-bye.

What the hell??? Is everyone supposed to forget she could emote? Are we all just supposed to drop the fact that she had inflection in her voice ONE EPISODE AGO??

I’m more than willing to give slack to genre shows, but this just grates on me. Every time I see her stare blankly and fumble through "human phrases", I wonder what the hell I missed. Was that particular chip in her head shot up in the first episode? I’d gladly accept that as an explanation. Was she ordered to stop acting human so as not to toy with John’s fragile teenage libido? That works for me. Just give me SOMEthing. ANYTHING. I want to like this show. I really do, but this bugs me.

Any fictional piece that taxes reality needs to make up their own rules and stick to them. Otherwise, the whole thing suffers. Are there armor wearing unicorns in your universe because of some lab experiment gone wrong that mixed up glowing goo and a My Little Pony comic book? Fine. That explains it. Whatever you come up with can work. Just don’t change gears in the middle and expect everyone to go along for no good reason.

Sure, this show came in the middle of the writer’s strike, but that doesn’t mean the viewers need to just swallow it when there are perfectly good American Gladiators beating the snot out of folks. I’ll probably stick around for another episode or two, but I’m just waiting for the movie every Terminator fan has wanted to see since that flashback in T1 and especially the beginning of T2. I WANT MY FUTURE WAR!!! Bring on the HKs!!! Bring on the squads of endoskeleton infantry!! YEAH!!!

Till then, I’ll hold my breath and wait for new episodes of Heroes.

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