Thursday, March 20, 2008

Baltar for Prez

Yeah, I like Battlestar Galactica. Plenty of folks do. I think it’s a cool show that didn’t have as much action as I’d expected, but still liked a lot anyway. The characters are great and the writing is solid and blah blah blah. I’m a fan…you get it. When I heard the show was coming to a close after its fourth season, I was disappointed. When I heard it was closing on the writers’ terms and was only meant to be around four seasons anyway, I felt a lot better. Stories SHOULD have an end and the Sci-Fi Channel has a bad history with cutting series short without letting them conclude properly (I still get an angry twitch in my eye when I think about the abrupt ending to Farscape. Yeah, we only had to wait a few YEARS for The Peacekeeper Wars movie to be released)

Ok. I’m fine with Galactica ending and hope it’s a good one. I have my theories, but so far this show even tends to go against those. Now I hear about a new show being produced called Caprica. Caprica? AND it’s made from the Battlestar people? SWEET! Then I read a quote from them that says, “If Battlestar Galactica is Black Hawk Down, I would say that Caprica is American Beauty. Caprica is all about the inner lives of the people on a planet and how their personal relationships as well as their professional relationships inform what will become the creation of the Cylons."


No action and JUST relationships??? Yeah…THAT’S why I watch science fiction shows. Let’s just remove all the good stuff and make something that “…is really more of a sci-fi Dallas.” And that quote is from the creator of the show.

A sci-fi Dallas. Great. Just fucking great. I had my fingers crossed for a fantasy take on Grey’s Anatomy.

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