Thursday, March 13, 2008

Man, am I excited for Summer!!

And that title comes from someone who definitely falls into the Autumn/Winter camp as far as favorite seasons is concerned. This enthusiasm comes from all the freaking AWESOME looking comic book movies that are set to be released this year. As I get older, and my home theater gets better, I’ve become less tolerant of the whole movie theater experience. The actual theaters are fine, even though the prices are steep. It’s just the assholes who ruin it with their phones, small children, and general assholeitude (it’s a word NOW) that ruin it. Granted, it’s only a few members of those groups who ruin it for everyone, but they truly ruin the hell out of paying to sit in public. Also, those prices make it worth it to wait a few months and buy the DVD to watch at your leisure. It’s even cheaper to rent and blah blah blah.

Then, along comes comic book movies. Say what you want about cheesy plots or two dimensional characters, but this kind of stuff is just fun. I should know. It’s the kind of stuff I write and it’s not meant to be anything serious. Stuff like Dark Knight, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk are just mindless fun that guys like me have been waiting to see since they flipped through the comics and imagined what those things would look like on the big screen. Well, it looks GREAT!!

I’m pumped for Dark Knight because Batman is always cool and Heath Ledger’s Joker looks damn near perfect! Two Face is coming to that series and he was always my favorite Batman villain.

I’ve always been something of an Iron Man fan, but the movie with Robert Downey Jr. looks set to blow folks through the back of the theater! I mean, starting with the clunky old gray suit and showing the progression to the red and gold?? Who wouldn’t be excited to see that???

Today I just saw the new Incredible Hulk trailer and it looks great! The effects look cool. Throwing Banner out a helicopter like a living Gamma bomb is just plain cool. They even stuck a few things in from the Ang Lee movie to tie it together, but use even more images (and music if you stick around to the end of the trailer) from the old TV show. Is that cool? HELL YES!

Ok, so I’m excited about this stuff. Last time I checked, that sort of thing is what’s so cool about these movies. Also, they’re loud enough to drown out the phones, jerky kids and screaming babies.

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