Wednesday, March 26, 2008

'Till fragged do us part

When I first met my wife, I knew I’d hit the jackpot. Not only did she agree to be seen in public with me, she was also funny, smart AND played video games with me. Ladies, if you’ve got your eyes on someone who plays video games, playing with them is the quickest way to their heart. Well, that and brownies, but that could just be me. Anyway, gaming was something we could do together, it was fun as hell, and it was something different than just watching movies all the time.

Then, as we remained together longer, things changed. We’re still close, she’s still funny and smart, but she quickly revealed herself to be a sore loser. “But,” I asked, “what happened to all those times we’d play and it was just fun??” Apparently, once the whole courtship thing was done, she admitted that she HATED losing and just lost interest in video games.

Lost interest in video games???!!!??? Do those words even fit together???

I was suckered. The ol’ bait and switch. Don’t get me wrong. I love my wife, but it was just SO fun to have this great woman with me who actually sat down and took part in something else I love. Now, years later, along comes the Wii. We play some stuff together and it’s fun. Then, yesterday she dropped a real bomb on me.

“I’ll try Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 with you,” she says.
Shocked, I blink and ask, “Pardon me?”
“You can play co-op on that, right?”
“Yes,” I reply hopefully.
“I’ll try it out.”

Oh, Lord. YES!!! Thank you!!! We tried it out. We even made a custom character for her. We got into a map and I showed her the controls. We got into combat and she promptly became agitated and wanted to quit. It wasn’t the whole sore loser thing, but she wasn’t feelin’ it. Fortunately, I happen to have bought Army of Two and was waiting for one of my distant friends to pick up a copy so we could dive into some co-op goodness.

“What about Army of Two?” my wife asks. “You were talking about that and it sounds pretty cool.”
“You really want to try that?”

Sitting on the couch, just like a couple of crazy kids, we both go through a tutorial level and then get wrapped up in some serious ass kicking. Not only was she having fun, but she was actually good! YESSS!!

So take heart, everyone. Blasting open virtual skulls truly does make the world a better place. Well…my world at least.

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