Thursday, April 17, 2008

The red pencil of salvation

Ok, so maybe editing hasn't just perked me up. It's completely turned me back around. I've already mentioned how I've been feeling lately, but just keeping my nose against the proverbial (and sometimes very real) grindstone has done wonders. All you need to do is look back to some of the other editing posts on here to know it's a cruel mistress. And you only need to read the posts to know I cannot afford to put real books out there without editing. It's necessary, but sometimes an outright ball-buster. Some writers love the process. I'm not one of those. Of course my stuff needs just as much polish (if not more) than anyone else's, but editing can be a tedious, disheartening study of comma placement and how crappy your original ideas were.

SKINNER is the exception for me because just getting my hands on it is so nice after letting it drift around out there for months without hearing anything. Putting the little tweaks to a vicious werewolf attack just makes me feel all special inside. The weather is gloomy, cold and rainy, but I get to discuss the finer points of what makes a Nymar tick and how much punishment they can take. Sweeeeet.

The release of the book is still a ways off, but this makes it a lot easier to bear. Also, it won't be long before I start writing the second one. Yeah...writing the second months before the first hits the store. Publishing houses have their gears to grind too and that wait will be just as hard as this one. That gives me some more time to come up with new and creative ways to rip someone apart. Damn, I love my job.

On a different note, Cloverfield hits DVD soon. I can't wait! Actually, I think I'll get into that after I watch it again. Back to editing. YAY!

This is what happens without editors

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