Wednesday, April 23, 2008

(sigh) I wish I was big enough to roar convincingly

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Best Buy. That’s mostly due to a combo of getting hit in the gonads by taxes and there just not being much of anything by way of DVDs or games coming out. Well, Cloverfield came out on DVD so I got my Cloverbutt to the store (I don’t know. I just felt like saying Cloverbutt.) I loved Cloverfield in the theaters and I still love it now. It was just fun monster stuff and that’s all it was trying to be.

I’ve heard mixed reviews and lots of the bad stuff is of the “I didn’t feel for the characters” or “Wounded people can’t move that way” variety. Hey. This is a giant freaking MONSTER movie! Do you ever really feel anything for the people Godzilla grinds under his heel? No. Was the amount of bleeding after a bite or the mobility of limbs after being crushed medically accurate? I’m willing to let that slide, right along with the GIGANTIC, STRUCTURALLY IMPOSSIBLE MONSTER. I’m more aggravated by seeing CSIs on TV being the first ones to kick down a door with a gun in their hands. Shaky camera? I’ll give you that one, but I think it generally worked…this time. If there is a sequel, it should be a regular movie and not, “Hey, look what other footage we dug up”.

When I watch a movie, I go with certain hopes and expectations. Sometimes I want to laugh my ass off, sometimes I want to see stuff blow up. In Cloverfield, I wanted to see a giant monster knock stuff over and crush things. Mission accomplished. More than that, I thought it was one of the only giant monster movies where I was actually jumping and nervous for these people. Did I care about them as human beings? Did I have sympathy for their plight on this little blue-green world? Did I weep when they were crushed? No. Hell no. But their demises were fun to watch and that’s what this sort of movie is all about. Save the pathos for the crap in the drama section.

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