Thursday, April 24, 2008

Some random video game stuff

- I wanna rock! And since I can make more sense of Hieroglyphics than sheet music, my only recourse is to partake in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. It clears my mind, limbers my fingers and gives me the illusion of having an audience roar for me. Yeahhhhh. This was a great week for both, since Judas Priest showed up as the first full album download for Rock Band and the Def Leppard pack hit today for GH3. Time for me to make weird faces and jam with a plastic toy (not in the gross way).

- I’ve been getting back into some Halo 3 multiplayer. Mostly, I like co-op stuff better and that’s mostly because I’m not that good at multiplayer. It’s fun to jump into Social Slayer where dying doesn’t matter. Still, I’m only one skill point away from becoming a Captain and that bugs me. I want to swear off ranked matches because I just get too frustrated when I lose and get docked the same point I just worked so hard to get. Again, I’m not that good, so I get docked a LOT. I got my Achievement for becoming an officer, so I should just kick back and drive a few Mongooses off those catapult things. But…just one more point and I’m a Captain. Mmmmm.

- I picked up the Superman Returns game for cheap, mostly because the demo was fun. Don’t get me started on the multiple reasons I HATED the movie, but the game is actually fun. Mostly, I like flying around between missions and randomly picking up cars and depositing them on top of buildings. It won't allow me to toss pedestrians to the moon shotput style, but I can sure clear them off of bridges using super breath. The fun escalates from there and my wife just shakes her head grumbling, “God help us all if you get super powers.” You’re damn right, honey. God help us.

- How many different ways can developers come up with to make “match the colored blocks” games? Even more puzzling (heh, see what I did there?) is the fact that they’re all fun.

- Finished BioShock a little while ago. Damn, that game was freakin’ great. I mean…DAMN! Somehow, I couldn’t get myself to harvest any of those little sisters. Even just to see what happened or stretch my evil muscles, I couldn’t do it. Also, in Mass Effect, I basically made a shotgun-wielding, mass-throwin’ jerk who collected Renegade points like trading cards. I still couldn’t eradicate that alien race no matter how many points it got me. Then again, I was thinking ahead to if those guys would be of some use to me in the future. Every good maniacal ruler has to think along those lines, you know.

- As much as I love shooting things, tossing cars into the ocean and shooting more things, I am pumped for Mario Kart Wii.

- The new Mortal Kombat will be a crossover with DC Comics. No fatalities. That’s a bummer, but I can see where the developers were coming from on that. The only thing weirder than seeing Superman get his head ripped off is seeing Batman tearing someone’s heart out. Now that I think of it, that would be GREAT!

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