Thursday, July 3, 2008

November is SO FAR AWAY!!!!

I just got the sample covers for SKINNERS #1 and, as shown by the happy Ralphie face, they are good. DAMN good! I know it’s my own book, but I may not be as biased as you might expect. In fact, I’m sure most authors are very picky about every little thing where their printed babies are concerned. I’ve already talked about the cover earlier, but WOW. I even got the kind of material I wanted for the cover itself. You know, that paper that isn’t glossy and shiny but kind of rough? Well, that’s what I got and it’s awesome.

Ok, so I’m a little jazzed right now.

In other news, I’ve been playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. It’s not as finger-twistingly hard as GH 3 on Expert, but it’s still solid. Plenty of Aerosmith (obviously) and plenty of classic rock. Me likey. I’ve been feeling the urge to shoot some stuff, so I’ll probably drift into some FPS action. Maybe COD 4 or some Rainbow Six.

Fourth of July is tomorrow and I don’t really have any plans. Maybe a bar-b-q, but no traveling or anything like that. There’s work to do SKINNER related and otherwise, plus it’s not a great time for me to travel. Too expensive, too hot, not enough free time, blah blah blah. There’s a science fiction convention in town later this month, so that should be fun. I just like going to those things and they haven’t had many in the Omaha area for a while. It’s always good to go and just let the geek flag fly.

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