Sunday, July 27, 2008

Conan! What is good in life?

Something else to come out of Comic-Con was the announcement of Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja. Actually, it’s more of a confirmation than a new announcement, but it was there all the same. Now, I like hot babes in chain mail swinging a sword around. Who doesn’t, really? I’ll bet you’d find some cave paintings that resemble Boris Vallejo sketches to confirm man’s fascination on the subject. Still, when I think of Red Sonja, I think of a muscular woman that looks like she could knock me out with a left hook as easily as she could decapitate me with her blade.

Maybe I was just spoiled from the Brigitte Nielsen movie. Not that the movie was some sort of standard-setting classic, but she really did fit the Red Sonja thing. If only Red Sonja was given a proper Viking funeral instead of going on to get plastered and hook up with Flava’ Flav, but I digress.

I’m not saying anything against Rose McGowan. On the contrary, she’s pale, shapely, has dark hair and leans toward the dark side. In other words, she’s pretty damn high up on my “Yowza” scale. But Red Sonja?? Some of the things I did see for the first time from Comic-Con were the Red Sonja movie posters. As you can see here, Rose can really fill out some chain mail. The other poster even shows her “special relationship” with her weapon.

Hmmmm. Maybe she could be a good Sonja after all. I know she’s got the whole Vallejo thing goin’ on. I’ve got an open mind and I don’t have some deep-rooted connection to the character, so I’m more than willing to give it a shot. Actually, I was really disappointed to hear that the movie isn’t supposed to come out until 2010. I’ll tell you one thing; I’d personally rather watch scantly clad Rose hacking limbs off for an hour or two than Brigitte Nielsen. Who would win in a fight? That’s a little tougher. The brawling edge always goes to the drunk, crazy chick. I’d sure as hell buy a ticket to that one though!

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