Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Review!!!

Skinners #1 was sent out to a bunch of magazines and such for review and the first one just came out. I was especially worried about Publishers Weekly, because they can be brutal. Here's what they had to say:

Blood Blade: Skinners, Book 1 Marcus Pelegrimas. Harper, $7.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-06-146305-1
Seattle video game designer Cole Warnecki takes an extreme vacation in British Columbia and ends up hunting supernatural monsters in this campy, action-packed paranormal debut. After Cole survives an encounter with a nasty werewolflike Full Blood, he lands a job with the Midwestern Ectological Group, whose Skinners act as cops for the local supernatural population. They bring him to Chicago and pair him up with experienced Skinner Paige Strobel, who gives him sound advice like “Don't gawk at a woman's ass when she's carrying a shotgun.” Paige drags Cole into the front lines of MEG's war on insane vampire Misonyk, who infects people with vampiric spores and encourages them to drain victims dry, stealing their souls. Plenty of cinematic gore and wisecracks will keep readers coming back for future installments. (Feb.)

I was a little worried when I read the word "campy", simply because that can lead to some very unpleasant critical territory. It turned out pretty good, though. I'm so relieved I didn't get trashed on my first review. I was aiming for the good kind of campy and (at least with PW) it seemed to have landed.


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