Tuesday, May 5, 2009

And BACK to the bubble!

Is it karma?

Is it irony?

Is it the world simply messing with me?

Literally the moment I'm done writing my previous post, I got up and took Abby for her midday walk. Like a good tenant, I put her on a leash and I even bring a bag along to pick up the mess. I plan my route so we walk by Dumpsters to dispose of the mess. Abby likes to sniff. I like to get outside. Today, it was even relaxing to stroll along in the sunshine and watch my little dog romp through the dandelions. Isn't that just sickly sweet?

Not for long. Seems like I can't go ANYWHERE this week without someone coming along to mess it up. Today, Abby hops up onto a stone sign on the lawn of an apartment complex, sniffs some dead weeds and takes a mini squirt before looking around from her new foot-and-a-half-high vantage point. Along comes some woman in a red truck. She rolls down the window and tells me how she "busts her ass" to do the landscaping for that area and to keep my dog off the fruits of her labors. Mind you, this sign was decorated with cedar chips and dead weeds. Weeds! DEAD weeds!!!

And this is after I plunk down a couple hundred bucks for pet deposit and sign on to pay an extra monthly fee for the dog. Now, I get grief from the freaking gardener because a mutt rearranged the wood chips she so lovingly placed? I wish she took such pride in her work when the lawn needs to be mowed after about four weeks of letting it turn into a jungle. Or didn't they cover that in the prestigious landscaping academy she's representing? I don't have a problem respecting anyone else's work and yes, I did pull Abby down from the little sign. I do have a problem with someone rolling up out of nowhere to bitch at me when there was no damage done and nothing to damage anyway!

Where's a nice rocket launcher when I really need one?

This is what happens without editors

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