Saturday, May 23, 2009

I actually get a weekend off? How did that happen??

WooHOOOOO!!! Draft 1 of Skinners #3 is FINISHED!!! As with most first drafts, it’s too long, yet somehow still incomplete. There are a bunch of things I forgot about halfway through the book, stuff I need to patch, entire characters I need to get rid of, holes to mend, rough patches to smooth out. . .why was I celebrating a moment ago? Oh yeah. I get a few days off before diving in again.

I had some stuff planned to do once I was done with this draft as a way to get my long weekend started, but was too tired once I was through typing. It’s sexier to say I was “spent”, but it all just boils down to tired. Maybe I’ll celebrate when the book is really done, but I say that every time and just wind up sending it in, sighing with relief and scraping to get the next contract.

On another note, I’m heading out on a ghost hunt tonight. Back to the Squirrel Cage Jail for a follow-up investigation. It’s nice and hot today, so spending Saturday night in a huge metal box talking to shadows should be a lot of fun. Have you seen that Axe commercial with the guy who sprays sweat out of his shirt like a fire hose? Well I plan on making that guy look like Mister Roarke standing on the beach in his spotless white suit waiting for the guests to arrive on Fantasy Island. Pity the other folks at Nevermore. Seriously.

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