Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Ugh, another Monday. Wait, Tuesday? No...

It’s back to work time. As you can tell, since I’m writing a blog entry instead of actually working, it’ll be back to work in a little while. Today’s just one of those dreary days that makes it hard to get going. Normally, I’m all for cloudy and drizzle. Even so, it’s hard to get the motor running. Maybe it was a bad idea to take an extra day off. Usually, that one extra day off tacked on is the sweetest. And yesterday wasn’t bad, it was just….eh.

Megan’s back in town after being away for over a week. That was rough. Abby was here, which was nice. The little dawg became my shadow and, apart from a few bathroom walk-ins, was fun. Once she got home, Megan and I got to break in the new Boom Blox. If you haven’t played Boom Blox (and you own a Wii) you’re missing out. It’s one of those simple games that’s just freaking awesome. Blocks are set up (or in this case, Blox) and there are various ways to knock them down. That’s it. It rules. Also picked up the new Punch Out for the Wii, which is an updated version of the NES nostalgia-fest. That too is great.

Went to the Squirrel Cage Jail again with the Nevermore crew. It was a good night, but not particularly eventful. I stood in the cement closet that passed for solitary and thought I heard a breath, but chalked that one up to wishful thinking. We saw some weird glowing globes appear on the new DVR cameras, but haven’t gotten a chance to see that on evidence review. After that, it was rushing home to let the dog out before her nibs exploded. I spent my Memorial Day reviewing said evidence, but didn’t get to the part with the globes since that was at the end of a 5 or 6 hour stretch of video. I did, however, get a real good chance to see how horrifically and tragically dumpy I look on video. Being photographed has never been my favorite thing and now I remember why. Usually, I look rather blobbish but when filmed at an upward angle in night vision that effect is cranked up a good 4 or 5 times. No ghosts and now no self esteem. Thanks, 3 day weekend!

The truth is that it wasn’t a bad couple of days. Megan’s back, it’s cool outside, had some quality Wii time and making fun of myself on unflattering video was good for a laugh (a LOT of laughs). Today I start in on draft 2 of Skinners 3 and that’s the real thing on my mind. I’m pumped to dig into the manuscript like Jigsaw from Saw 1-9 digging into some idiot who stuck their hand into a rusted, spiky metal box. The final pass for Skinners 2 arrived today and there are a lot of other projects floating around on the verge of being accepted or rejected. No matter what I do to try and distract myself, all that work stuff is there. I can’t just switch it off because I’m not in the office and there’s no deadline as to when I might hear any results. Stuff may sell or it may get shot down for no reason whatsoever. It may get shot down for a very good reason and it may happen today, tomorrow, eighteen weeks from now or never. That’s the business and I wouldn’t want to have any other job, but this part of it really tests the ol’ resolve.

Maybe I need another day off.
NO! I’m starting work right…….now.

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