Monday, June 8, 2009

Coolness in small doses

The results came back from the most recent Nevermore investigation at the Squirrel Cage Jail. Of course, the good stuff happened AFTER the hours of evidence I was there to review. And on top of that, Megan had the gall to be born on June 3rd (not this June 3rd) so I missed the meeting that was the reveal for the rest of the team. There wasn’t anything as cool as a spectral prisoner rattling his chains for the DVR, but we caught a few head-scratching moments. Apparently, while we were all outside for a fresh air / cigarette break (ironic, I know) all of the DVR cameras were shifted slightly and then shifted back again. Was it a show of displeasure from Beyond? Maybe a quirky signal? Something in between like a quirky signal from Beyond? We don’t know. Also, during the investigation, I was fortunate enough to see a strange globe of light appear and disappear on one of the monitors from the camera in the solitary confinement cell. It sort of swelled up from nowhere and shrank back down again. That was caught on video and we still can’t explain it. Could be a blown IR light. Could be a demonic warden from…eh you know. All in all, it was an interesting way to spend a weekend.

In writing news, I just managed to put together a preview of Skinners Book 3: Teeth of Beasts (I love that title the more I see it) for placement in the back of Book 2: Howling Legion (also a cool title!). And when I say I just made it, I mean I JUST made it. I’ve been editing the third manuscript and going through the final pass pages for Book 2 at the same time. Today was the deadline and the final draft of Book 2 along with the preview pages were emailed at around 1 this morning. Whew! If it didn’t make it, the world wouldn’t have ended or anything, but I think this preview is especially nice because it feels like watching the first 10 minutes of a sequel right after a movie. After this, the major work on my end for Book 2 is done. All that’s left is the good stuff like waiting to see the final cover, getting advance copies and the inevitable signings and stuff. As the series grows, I’m hoping to get out there and attend more conventions, readings, etc. It’s more accurate to say I’m hoping readers and bookstores will want me to show up for those kinds of things.

E3 has wrapped up and there’s plenty to say, but I’ll save that for another post. I know what you’re thinking. “Video game crap? HERE???” Just bait your breath and wait for it.

This is what happens without editors

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