Friday, June 12, 2009

Don't adjust your may have to adjust them a little

Finally, this glorious day is upon us! No longer will I have to languish in the hell that is Regular TV Signal Land. FINALLY I can enter this wonderful new age. This dawn of rebirth that is our fateful technological breakthrough!!!!!

I've been waiting so long. They teased me with the switch to a digital signal, but then cruelly yanked it away. We were so close!!! But not all of the populace was prepared to take Obi Wan's much vaunted "first step into a much larger world." Or perhaps the great bearded general will see the analog signal as "An elegant weapon from a more civilized age." In my little corner of the galaxy, it could very well be the bane of my Mom's existence.

I know that, even though she has digital cable, she will be scratching her head to try and figure out where the change happened. If there's a thunderstorm or anything else that knocks out her service, I'm sure I'll hear about "that damn signal that was SUPPOSED to make everything BETTER!!"

I honestly can't believe this is such a huge deal or that there will be people who are blindsided by this. And they can't use "I don't have access to all this tech news" as an excuse. I watch network TV and there's been more scrolling messages over the past several months than if a wall of tornadoes was headed our way. Like the great Millennium Scare of 1999, the asteroid near-miss as prophesied by Nostradamus, or any number of things that got people running around flapping their arms in a panic, this too shall fade into nothingness. Lord help us if my Mom actually has to re-scan for her channels when the Digi-pocalypse hits.

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