Monday, June 29, 2009

Magical weekend

What a great weekend! Despite some computer setbacks on Friday that brought my PC to a standstill, I got all the R&R I could have wanted. I played some Ghostbusters (even got a chance to do some multiplayer - Survival mode rocks), was consumed by Magic: The Gathering (Webmaster Steve is now fully addicted), watched a bunch of mind numbing TV, saw My Bloody Valentine in 3D (The 3D actually worked on my much for the "theater-only" experience), and got a whole lot of sleep. Also, I started in on The Conduit which seems like a pretty damn great FPS on the Wii. Sure there aren't as many as on other consoles, but this and Metroid really nail it.

Today, I start in on Draft 3. Not as much overhaulin' as Draft 2 (hopefully) and I'm anxious to dig in. Also, BBC America FINALLY got the new season of Doctor Who started. It's been too long, Doc. Also on the way are Torchwood, Robin Hood and the new one Being Human. Primeval is already underway, giving the Brits well-earned domination in the genre TV show category. This season will be a short one for Who and Torchwood, but a little bit of something that great is better than nothing.

And on top of all this, the weather's cooled off. I can actually take Abby out for her walks and not want to kill myself as my eyeballs sizzle in their sockets.

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