Monday, May 17, 2010

Boob tube is sagging

I have REALLY lost touch with reality television shows. Have no clue who won Survivor. Don't know who's singing what on American Idol. Haven't the foggiest who stumbled or soared on Dancing with the Stars. It's all just sliding by. The upside to this is that less of my limited brain capacity is being devoted to them. Funny enough, I usually just watched them because they were on. I did get into the whole thing sometimes, but I really don't miss them now that they've been removed from me like an appendix that was broadcast into my living room. Now don't get me wrong. When Hell's Kitchen comes back, I'll be all over it.

Tonight is a new Big Bang Theory that answers one of my Big Bang questions. Just how did Sheldon meet Leonard?? Ok, so it hasn't really been weighing me down or anything, but it should be a good episode.

The other day, I watched Let's Make A Deal. I have NEVER seen that show. Not the classic version and not the new one. It was pretty good, I guess. Wayne Brady was hosting and he did not look happy. Sure, he did his job and all. He's a cool guy, but he seemed to have genuine fun on Whose Line is it Anyway and Don't Forget the Lyrics. Was that the name of that karaoke show? Anyway, he had a look in his eyes on Deal that screamed, "I'm doing this for work. Please kill me." Maybe it was just a bad day. We've all been there, Wayne. Keep your chin up!

This is what happens without editors

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