Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bram Stoker 2...this time, it's PERSONAL

Remember how I'm appearing all month long at the Barnes & Noble Paranormal book club? Well if you haven't stopped by, get over there! Wait...after you read this blog.

So far, there have been some fun discussions on the board but I sure didn't see this one coming. Paul Goat Allen's blog was all about me and the Skinners saga (it's pretty cool for me to think of it as a "saga") and frankly, I was blown away by the title alone. It's called Vampires, Van Halen and Video Gaming: Why Marcus Pelegrimas is the Bram Stoker of the 21st Century. Click here to read it for yourself. My first thought was that this was a tongue in cheek sort of thing that would end up with a big ol' "Bazinga!" Not that Paul is a mean sort of guy, of course. Like I said before, I was just blown away.

So go read the blog and keep reading while you're at that site. There's plenty of great stuff to catch your eye.

I have to go play some more Split Second. With the push of a button, I can collapse a building or drop a dry-docked boat onto my fellow racers. How could I not love this game??

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