Monday, June 16, 2008

Hitting things is always fun

Now that the storms have eased up a bit, my wife and I went to see The Incredible Hulk. I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it. I went in wanting to see Hulk smash and smash, he did! The story moved along well enough to keep me from dozing off ala Ang Lee and had plenty of nods to the show from the ‘70’s. I won’t say the story was the biggest draw here, but the people who made this movie didn’t think so either. That’s what made it work.

The effects were very cool. I’ve heard people say the Hulk still looks fake. Well, I don’t see how a ten foot tall green dude is going to look REAL. At least in movies where the creatures have fur or are based on something vaguely normal, there’s more to work with. Movies with aliens or other purely fantasy monsters can make their own rules. The Hulk is stuck in the middle. If you go too far in any direction, he just won’t look like the Hulk so you’re stuck with…a big green dude. My whole gauge for comic book movies is if it has that comic book “feel”. You know, when you read a comic and you get that wide-eyed, excited suspension of belief? You’re not supposed to read superhero comics looking for real physics or plausible villains. Just read it and watch things get blowed up real good. There are serious comics just like there are serious movies. Hulk isn’t either of those, so just go and have some fun. Hulk smash REAL GOOD!!!!

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