Monday, June 23, 2008

Slogging through the summer

Flood waters are still rolling through Missouri, where a good portion of my family and friends live, so I’ve been keeping in touch with them. So far, everyone’s tired from sandbagging but doing as well as can be expected. Since they don’t need my help just yet and there’s nothing I can do from here, I’ve been keeping myself distracted with…well…pretty much the usual crap that distracts me.

Picked up Guitar Hero for the DS yesterday and it works really well. I’m a sucker for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but had my doubts with a handheld version. The DS version is actually really good and a lot of fun. At least I’ll have something for my music fix when I’m at a convention or on the road. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith comes out next week and yes I will be picking it up. I know it’s not a true sequel or anything, but I’m an Aerosmith fan and a Guitar Hero fan, so it seems like a perfect, “chocolate in my peanut butter” sort of thing. Anyone out there not know about the old Reese’s Peanut Butter cup commercials with the chocolate lady bumping into the peanut butter guy? Damn, I’m feeling old. Anyway, since my new/repaired Xbox 360 should be getting back to me sometime this week, I’ll be able to play Aerosmith when it comes out. I feared I’d have to just sit and stare at the vacant spot next to my TV while everyone else is rockin’. That would have been rough.

I’m working on SKINNERS 2 as well as some other projects. I’m not content to sit back and just pray one series stands up (although I REALLY like my series). Economically, just about every writer either needs to have another job or have more than one project running. I’ve had my fill of other jobs and would rather bust my ass trying to keep my writing moving, so more needs to be sold. Fortunately, I’ve got plenty of ideas that I think are freaking AWESOME! If one or two of those actually strike a publisher as something in the “pretty cool” to “that one’s a keeper” range, I should be in business.

Not much else right now. Just waiting with baited breath for The Dark Knight…

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