Thursday, August 7, 2008

Slightly less heat = slightly less crankiness

The only good thing about summer lately is the TV schedule. Sure the real shows are on hiatus (except for the ones on Sci Fi Channel, bless ‘em), but there are so many spectacularly crappy reality shows to choose from! My wife likes So You Think You Can Dance and I admit I’ve gotten into it. There’s some real talent there and all those routines are very entertaining (plus the girls with their tight little dancer booties wrapped up in tight little dancer outfits). Also, American Gladiators. I mean…what more do you want?

What more? How about Last Comic Standing (not nearly as good the last few seasons, but still good stuff in there sometimes), Wipeout (boneheads getting punched in the nards by electric boxing gloves and then getting knocked off a pedestal by a giant rotating crane), I Survived a Japanese Game Show (more boners taking idiotic contests way too seriously while the Japanese audience laughs at them and makes fun of them in their native tongue), I could go on and on. One of my VERY favorites is Hell’s Kitchen, which has already wrapped up and declared their winner. Being a former waiter myself, I cannot get enough of watching Gordon Ramsey chew out the customers who complain. “Sit down and get some more Botox, you DONKEY!!”

In short, I like watching attention-starved idiots (not Ramsey, he’s a genius) get knocked around and made to look like morons on national TV. Sure, they’ll tell you they’re getting’ paid and all that, but I still enjoy watching them cry and wince. Hell, if I was some all-powerful emperor, I’d pay them do dance for me like that. Heh.

Seriously, though, you’d better pray I never become an all-powerful emperor. My plan to turn all cities into Mordland (home of Dethklok…see picture) would destroy the world economy and possibly a few ecosystems.

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