Thursday, August 28, 2008


A few scattered thoughts about the last week or so:

- There's this place nearby called Chicago Dawg House. They sell Chicago hot dogs, get them right (oh, so very right) and I've talked about them here before. One of their sandwiches is called The Fridge and it's an Italian sausage with shaved Italian beef on it, plus peppers and the whole thing is dipped in au jous (spelling??) sauce. I've been waiting for a sufficient appetite to tackle that bad boy and I finally got the chance. Holy LORD was it good! DAAAAMNN!!

- Been playing Too Human and I really like it. I don't see what all the bad reviews were about. I just want to have a good time playing. The fighting kicks ass, weapons are cool, so it's fine by me. I just wish there was local co-op so my wife could play too, but oh well. She says it's "too sci-fi" for her anyway.

- A bunch of Adult Swim DVDs were on sale at Borders, so I finally picked up those Venture Bros, Aqua Teen and Squidbillies I've been after for a while. Those are perfect to have in my computer while I work. Write a few a 12 minute cartoon...write some more.

- Had some family visit over the last few days. They brought White Castles. Sometimes, family really ISN'T a pain in the ass. Love ya, guys!

- Sending out preview copies of SKINNERS to get reviews and cover blurbs. Ugghh. Let the stomach clenching begin.

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