Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blurbs, shooters, time distortion...the usual stuff

I’ve been messed up this whole week, and I don’t even mean the fun kind of messed up. I mean I had family over at the beginning of last week, which made it feel like the weekend. Then, I took a day off of work to be with said family so it REALLY felt like the weekend. After they left, there was a long weekend, which felt like a whole lot of nothing. The Olympics are over, so TV is just starting to come out of its shell. All of my normal gauges for time and space are off. Now, it’s Tuesday after the holiday, so it feels like Monday. I’m only one day off, which means I should be back on track sometime before Halloween.

And it’s September. Yessssss!!! I don’t know about the official season start/end dates, but summer is June, July & August in my mind. Therefore, September is the beginning of autumn. I LOVE autumn! The sun’s not so damned blaringly bright. The air is cooler. People are generally quieter. Pumpkin Pie goes on sale. Everything smells like apples. Ok, so maybe that’s all a bit much, but autumn is great.
Speaking of TV, a new episode of The Shield is on tonight. I love that show, but there better be one hell of a recap because it feels like it's been about 4.27 years since the last one.

I finally got around to finishing the single player campaign of Call of Duty 4. That game is simply amazing (old news, but still true). I’ve been playing the hell out of the multiplayer, which I like simply because it’s one of those games where you can die a lot and still keep playing. Tom Clancy games are freaking great, but a lot of them are “bang, you’re out”. More realism doesn’t exactly = fun for crappy players like myself. Still plucking away at Too Human, GTA 4, Ninja Gaiden 2, and so many others. I remember the good ol’ days where I had nothing to keep me busy but some school work and games. Ahhhhh.
My XBox Gamer Score is 22221. I NEED A ONE POINT ACHIEVEMENT!!!!

Still collecting blurbs for Blood Blade. I got some really good ones from some great sources! I’m just jazzed that these people are reading my book and not just using it for a doorstop. It’s coming out in February, but I can’t think about that too much or I’ll start to jump around like a monkey when some demonic evil enters the zoo. Or monsters. Eh, you know what I mean. Those movies where animals and kids always freak out when the bad guy comes close and…forget it.

The second SKINNERS is coming along nicely. I’m in the second half of the first draft, which means there’s a whole lot of work left to do. Still, it’s great to be working on it at all. Writing a sequel and thinking about all the continuity stuff for past and future volumes makes me think about writing a series in general. Writing western series isn’t as difficult, mainly because they prefer to stick to stand-alone types of stories. The fantasy genre (urban or otherwise) likes its continuing plotlines. I love thinking about over-arching stories, but it’s tough to strike a balance between explaining things to readers who pick up the second book first and continuing things for people who read the first one. Hopefully, this turns out to be enjoyable for anyone. In the end, though, it does say “Book 1” and “Book 2” right on the cover.

Time to stick my nose outside. Haven’t done that for a day or two. I’ll probably go to Best Buy to see what came out on DVD this week. Exciting stuff.

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