Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gotta have patience

Now that I'm back into the weekly comic book buying thing, I'm also digging into issues that have been sitting around for a while. Every now and then I talk about those, but lots of times I shake my head and wonder why the hell I let those issues sit around so long. Now I know why. Case in point: The Flash Rebirth. I've been reading and enjoying this series for all three glorious issues. In fact, when I buy them, they go straight to the top of the stack to be read ASAP. For someone who is used to having several issues in a series backlogged and ready to go, waiting for normal publication dates is excruciating! On top of that, Flash is BEHIND the monthly schedule!! I even started to think I'd missed an issue and bugged the comic shop guy about it. He rolled his eyes and checked anyway. If there's one thing dorkier than your typical dude behind the counter of a comic book store, it's the pasty dude pestering the guy behind the counter. What depths I've sunken to.

While on the subject of comics, I'm loving the Ultimatum storyline. I'm just behind enough on that one for me to read at my leisure and always have more to fill the void. This storyline must be part of Marvel's "Summer of Cataclysmic Doom". It, combined with the whole Dark Reign event in which all the bad guys take over the superhero roles in their own awesome, twisted ways, has been a source of endless joy. I've always loved the bad guys. Maybe that's why I wear so much black. Well, that and the fact that white shirts make me look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

This is what happens without editors

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