Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday -- Day of the BAT

A little while ago, I mentioned playing the demo for Batman: Arkham Asylum. The whole game was released today and I picked it up. Actually I was all fired up to go to a midnight opening at my local Game Stop so I could dig in right away, but the geeky part of my brain lost out to the part that was comfortable in my recliner while not driving around at 11:45pm. Ok, so that was a part of my ass instead of my brain but some might say the difference isn't too great.

I gave up the whole preordering games thing a while ago. More often than not, I could find them in Best Buy before my Game Stop people got around to unpacking them. Then there were a few times when they called me that a game I'd preordered was going to be in the next day, I went in and it wasn't there. That sort of nullifies the whole convenience aspect of the process. On the other hand, if they're offering cool bonus items for preordering, I'll cave in and plunk down $10 toward the price of the game. For Batman, they were offering a free bonus map full of skeletons and. . .well that was enough to sell me. I went to Game Stop and preordered.

"Do you want the deluxe edition?" the guy behind the counter asked.
Thinking I wasn't going to bother with a bunch of diagrams and a behind the scenes DVD which I'd probably never watch, I was ready to refuse. This is Batman, though, so I asked, "What's the deal with the deluxe edition?"
"It comes with a Batarang, a book, a behind the scenes DVD and some other stuff."
"Excuse me? A Batarang?"
"Yeah," the guy said as he showed me a picture of this huge, glorious bat-shaped box. "A life sized Batarang. It's plastic, but still pretty cool."
Let's just say the geeky part of my brain nearly spilled out onto the counter into a messy puddle.
The deluxe edition is more expensive, the Batarang isn't a collapsible metal crime fighting weapon, but it's still more than just PRETTY cool.

Cut to the happy ending: The game, so far, is already miles above any other Batman game ever made. It's fantastic. And here's me with my Batarang. Sure it's not as hot as Jessica Chobot or Olivia Munn licking random electronics or gaming stuff, but it's from the heart. Hopefully, the sequel's deluxe edition with come with a utility belt.

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