Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday, an update for the XBox came through. Fortunately, it didn't send my console into red ring oblivion. What it did do was allow me (and everyone else) to watch my Netflix stuff even easier than before. Just flipping through the choices for the Watch Instantly option, I stumbled across MI-5, The IT Crowd, a season of CSI that I hadn't caught the first time around and The A-Team!! As with most guilty pleasures, I waited until Megan was dozing on the couch before watching the classic adventures of Hannibal, B.A. Barracus, Murdock and Face Man. Perhaps it was the catchy drum line at the beginning or the rousing theme, but Megan snapped awake immediately at the opening credits for A-Team's pilot episode. Much to my surprise, she stayed awake and watched the whole thing. Ahhh, classic 80's TV. So pure. So riveting. Just like a car wreck with poofy hair.

I'd never seen The IT Crowd before, but was hooked from the first show. It's a BBC sitcom that's a combo of The Office and Big Bang Theory. Basically, nerds in an office. Since I'm a nerd with plenty of office experience, I can relate. Awesome show. The only problem is that each season is only 6 episodes long. Why can't those Brits learn how to over saturate and wring a good concept dry like us??

Another thing that showed up on the XBox update was a marketplace to buy crap for your Avatars. For those who don't know, Avatars are these little dudes you make and dress up that "represent your gamer personality on your console". At least, that's the official definition. I don't mind playing around with my guy and switching his clothes around every now and then. In fact, here's a snapshot of how he currently looks. See? I'm writing westerns so he's got a little cowboy hat. Real freakin' adorable, huh? Anyway, the new clothes and stuff just show up for free every week or two. Well, with this new Marketplace, you can BUY clothes for the Avatars! Wheeee!!! I know Microsoft is a corporation and not a charity. They're out to make money. I get the whole capitalism thing, but $5 for a freaking set of Gears of War armor? Some of this stuff is kind of cool, but DAMN! I'm more intrigued by the idea of winning new outfits by playing games. Or here's an idea. Every Achievement has its own little picture. How about being able to wear your favorite Achievement on a t-shirt? I'd pay a buck or two for a shirt that can display any Achievement I want, so long as I can can switch it up when I like for no extra charge. Eh, I'll just stick to the free clothes and hope to win some more. No need having my virtual dude dressed better than the real thing.

Today is new comic book day, so I need to get some work done and free up enough time to venture out for my Marvel fix.

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