Sunday, March 7, 2010

I wonder if the movie will be as good as the book?

Picked up the DVD for the animated Planet Hulk movie. Talk about an awesome comic book! That story had it all and it was focused on a huge green dude that smashes stuff. I know the movie can't cover all the bases of a 10+ issue story arc, but I hope it's good enough to represent. I want to know where the second Doctor Strange animated feature is!

In other news, Skinners 4 is coming along nicely. My brain is already chugging on Skinners 5, which amounts to a whole lot of grinding gears and smoke coming from the space between my ears. Considering the previous paragraph, I can't help but think how cool a Skinners comic book would be. I'd take a movie too, in case any Hollywood big-timers are reading this. Heh.

I've become addicted to Jimmy John's sandwiches. Not only are they delightfully tasty, but their delivery truly is freakishly fast!! There's one across the street from my place, which means the sandwich is there sometimes before I hang up the phone from ordering. Ok, maybe not THAT freakish, but pretty darn close.

Had our first rain of the winter season. It's nice to have the piles of snow washed down to the point where I can turn onto another street and actually SEE if a car's coming or not. I know. I'm picky.

Should I get a coffee drink? An Almond Joy Latte from Scooters sounds great right about now. If the Jimmy John's guy would swing by there to pick one up for me, I'd never have to leave my sanctuary.

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