Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The neverending process

Here's a funny cycle. As tedious as editing can be, it's hard for me to stop doing it. Most tedious things are a joy to put down, walk away from, etc. With this one, I'm always finding little things that I want to fix or rearrange. Some of the things I rearrange are actually putting sentences back the way they were before I rearranged them the first time. Sigh. I'm putting the most recent coat of polish on Skinners 4 and enjoying it very much. It's turning out fine, but there's the part of me that wonders what I missed THIS time around. Once more, I go back to the tired analogy of slicking a kid's hair back before he goes to school. Could I have come up with a better analogy? Probably. I'll fix that later. Heh.

In other news, it's Tattoo Day! Hopefully this is the final session since that leg of mine is feeling a lot like over-tenderized bacon. Ok, it's not that bad, but it'll be nice to get this one wrapped up. I'll post some pics when it's done. Or, perhaps I shouldn't. If you want to see this sweet bit of fleshy artwork, come see me at a signing or something. Yeah!! Ok fine, I'll post some pics. Maybe I'll be stricter when I get more appearances scheduled. Not a bad idea for a promo, huh? The "Permanently Scarred Skinners Tour". I like it.

It's also Comics Day. Wow. If God of War 3 came out as well, it would be the perfect spending storm. When I played God of War 2 on the PS2, I knew part 3 would be the one to make me buy a PS3. Fortunately, I got my hands on a system earlier than that, but I am still pumped to play it. Played the GoW3 demo and I can already imagine a lot of reviewers saying stuff like "more of the same" or "nothing new here", but that's not a bad thing when you're talking about something as fundamentally awesome as the God of War games. The game feels a lot like the other two and I LOVE the other two. The PS3 has really been impressing me with stuff like Infamous, Resistance 1 & 2 and Heavy Rain. Still an XBox 360 guy, though. I'm addicted to Achievements and the whole Trophy thing on PS3 just doesn't compare.

Ok. Back to work. Gotta get some pages done before heading out for comics and getting tatted up.

This is what happens without editors

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