Thursday, February 26, 2009


Every now and then, a friend or a few choice relatives send me an email that's supposed to be touching. And I'm 98% sure it's really them sending it, because it's something they would send and there's often a little note on there from them. Also, my computer hasn't crashed after opening these, so my Spam filter seems to be working.

Anyway, it's usually some touching story about folks being nice to soldiers or kids doing something adorable that "reaffirms your faith in the goodness of all things" and blah blah blah. More often than not, there are pictures involved that fall squarely into the cute / awe-inspiring / patriotic category. While I'm not opposed to any of this stuff, the emails usually end up with a message along the lines of, "Now PASS THIS ALONG to ALL of your friends or your eyeballs will fill with pus and your pets will fall off a ledge!!"

DAMN! I was with you for all the other stuff and then you feel the need to threaten me to forward a freaking email. I mean, seriously? You're gonna pull the guilt / intimidation card for that?? And folks wonder why we're becoming more and more callous. Even pics of kittens and Old Glory come along with "PS - spread the joy OR YOU'LL SUFFER!!!!"

Can I just look at my celebrity upskirts in peace?

This is what happens without editors

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