Sunday, February 1, 2009

Salsa Bowl Postgame Show

Wow! What a game. I expected it to be a good one, but it turned out to be one of the best kinds of games to watch. There were awesome plays on both sides. There were agonizing missteps taken that could have swung it either way. The Steelers put together some phenomenal moments and the Cardinals mounted one hell of a comeback. In the end, I would have been glad to see either team win.

I didn't see my Watchmen trailer, but I did see the trailers for GI Joe (wasn't expecting that one at all), Transformers 2 (even with the huge unicycle-tron, it looks pretty cool), and Land of the Lost (Will Ferrell and dinosaurs? Could be funny, could be reeeeally bad). I have to say PepGruber ran away with the funny commercial award, but there were some great runners-up.

As for the real action, I started the 1st quarter with a habernero-lime chili cheese dip and then rang in the 2nd with a more traditional Buffalo hot wing-esque chili cheese delight. The 3rd quarter saw another citrus variant with a spicy orange sauce I cracked open today for the first time. It was, of course, in chili cheese dip. I gotta say the habernero lime was my favorite. I ran out of steam in the fourth quarter, since I was too busy cheering at the game and eating jalapeno poppers. What's this? I just got a letter from my stomach lining. It says, "Give me a f---ing break and LAY OFF THE SPICY FOODS MORON!!!"
Oh well. We all make sacrifices for the big game.

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