Monday, February 16, 2009

F'in President's Day!!!!

It's tired and cliche to hate Mondays, so I'll blame it on the holiday. My computer doesn't feel like working, so maybe it's a Federal employee or bank manager and it's got the day off. I don't have the day off, so that means I need to wait about 15-145 minutes for my email to rev up before showing me I've got NO EMAILS!!!! Fine. At least I finally got a check that's been in the mail for a while so I can buy some food (and possibly Street Fighter 4 when it releases later this week). Oh wait....banks are closed. Strike 2.

You know who else has the day off? The dickheads who insist on driving down my street with the bass rattling the cheap plastic covers off their factory-installed car stereos they're so freaking proud of. They don't even turn them down when they roll up to an apartment building and lay on their horn at 9 in the morning. Are you telling me these dudes are part of the .07% of the population that doesn't have cell phones? These are probably the same f-holes who talk to their buddies in line at Wendy's or in the middle of a movie, but they can't call them to let them know they're outside waiting to pick them up in their crapmobile? Oh no!! That would ruin a perfectly good opportunity to MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!


Ok. Keyboard pounding / ranting over for the moment. How about something to make us all feel better? I know...there was a bit on Family Guy last night that was actually funny and kind of fits today's theme. Let's see if I can find it.....

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