Wednesday, February 25, 2009


My tax returns came in today, so the wife and I hit Best Buy pretty hard. I meant to just go out and pick up the new Futurama DVD and wound up picking up a bunch of stuff that was nice and cheap. I spotted a few sets including anywhere from 20 to 50 movies with intriguing labels like "Exploitation Festival Pack" or "Drive-In Madness vol. 1-3". Lots of good, crappy movies to be found on those and many of them are Mystery Science Theater fodder without the quips. One other notable set that was an insta-buy was the first season of Confessions of a Call Girl, a series on Showtime where the lead role is played by Billie Piper, the extraordinarily hot and deliciously British actress who plays Rose on the new Doctor Who. The icing on the cake is that my wife was the one who found the DVD set. Seeing her hand that to me was great on so many levels.

I did get the Futurama DVD, which also reminded me that I need to pick up the previous one. Also, I picked up the new Mummy movie, something about a Dragon Emperor. I'm a fan of Jet Li in pretty much anything. I'd like to give the second Scorpion King movie a shot since it's probably really cheap also. Babylon AD was marked way down, so I got it. I know, I know. Vin Diesel, what was I thinking? It looks like a cool, cheesy action flick and it should be pretty obvious how much I like that sort of nonsense. You might be asking yourself why I don't rent this stuff. Well, I often don't know when the movie-watchin' urge will strike and it's nice to have them all there when it's well past 1 or 2 in the AM and I feel like turning my brain off. Also, Blockbuster doesn't like it when I schlep in there wearing my pajama pants and a coffee-stained flannel robe. We've got pay-per-view channels, but it never fails that I want to watch something the moment it's no longer available on there. Also, since I've been neglecting my more expensive vices, I figure I'm still coming out ahead this way.

There were a few other movies I picked up on sale, but I also got the new Puzzle Quest: Galactrix game for the DS. If you've never played the first Puzzle Quest, you're missing out. It's a combination of Bejeweled and a fantasy rpg which actually works VERY well. The new one is a combo of Hexic and a sci-fi rpg which has already sunk its hooks into me. That should hold me over until later in March when Madworld and Resident Evil 5 come out.

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