Saturday, February 7, 2009

A good day at Borders

Today was my first signing for Blood Blade and it went really well! I showed up at Borders and there was no table or chair set up for me, which didn't bode well. There were plenty of books, however, which was a good sign. It was no time at all before I was set up and good to go. Not long after that, there were even people there wanting me to sign their books. I know that was the whole purpose for my visit, but I've had signings for other series where Megan had to sit there and keep me company the entire time.
To be honest, I was hoping to sell just a few books and praying that SOMEone would show up. I got my wish because plenty of people showed and they made the day a great one for me. I sincerely thank everyone who came out to chat and pick up a copy of the book. It was great meeting you. I also got to catch up with some old friends I haven't seen for years. My high school Creative Writing teacher even showed up! How cool is that?
Writers don't get into the business to be in a spotlight (or they shouldn't, because it's a lot of sitting in front of a keyboard and scribbling on note pads), but it is really nice to get a day in the sun like this. This is the sort of thing I can look back on during the quiet days when I'm wondering if anyone out there is actually going to see what I do for a living. And, to top it off, Webmaster Steve and I took our families out for some Class A lunch at Chicago Dawg House. For those of you not in the neighborhood, you'll read about that place in Skinners Book 2. My arteries aren't happy about eating there, but the rest of me is in heaven.
Thanks again to everyone who paid me a visit and thanks to Borders for being such a good host. Free Iced Coffee tastes the sweetest!

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