Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can't an irradiated dinosaur get a moment's peace??

I was watching Godzilla Raids Again yesterday. Man, I love Godzilla movies. Doesn't everyone wish they were bigger than a building, could breathe fire and were strong enough to kick over a city? Maybe it's just me. Anyway, in the first movie, Godzilla stomps in from the sea and starts some shit. So, he pretty much deserved all the explosions and smoke popping off his head that followed. In this one, he's found on a remote island while fighting another monster. Some squirrelly dude in a plane gets all freaked out and calls in the military. I mean, what's the Big G supposed to do? Just stand there and let these gnats shoot him?? In the end, they bury Godzilla after finding him trying to catch some down time among some deserted mountains. He's just STANDING there and they drop an avalanche on him! No wonder he's so pissed for the next couple of dozen movies.

The ending does make me feel a little better about some things, though. There are times when I just want to go about my business, which also happen to be the times when all the telemarketers call, every kid selling something knocks on my door, people swarm the one shelf I want to get to at the store, you name it. "Hey," Godzilla from Raids Again says, "if I can't chill out on a deserted island or between some deserted mountains, then you don't get a peaceful trip to Target!"

All right, Godzilla. You made your point. Wow, those movies really are deep.
I watched Godzilla vs. Monster Zero today and it's not any better!! G-Man was dormant at the bottom of a LAKE and the gov't agrees to let some aliens kidnap him, bring him to Planet X and make him fight another monster. Then, the humans LEAVE HIM THERE!! There's even this scene with Godzilla watching the spaceship leave like a dog that knows he ain't comin' back from that drive in the country. No wonder I always preferred the ones where he's a bad guy when I was a kid.

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