Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do your research, people!!!

Ok. A little bit of history here. I LOVE Jack in the Box tacos. They're fried. They're spicy. They're unlike any other fast food, mystery meat, semi-Mexican delicacy I've ever tasted. I honestly don't know what kind of meat is in there and I don't care. If Soylent Green is that good, I'm stocking up. That's the back story.

We don't have Jack in the Boxes where I live and yet, thanks to cable TV, I still see some commercials for the place every now and then. The first time I saw one, I got all amped up and looked on Jack's website to see if we were FINALLY getting one here. No such luck. All right. It's just a commercial from faraway lands (like Chicago or St. Louis) where they can partake of the ambrosia that is the subject of my most endearing, non-wife related, sonnets and acoustic guitar ballads. Fine. The second time I see a commercial, I get all worked up AGAIN. On an intellectual level I realize these commercials are out there and I may occasionally see one, but my heart wants to BELIEVE. And, much like Charlie Brown running after that football again and AGAIN, I still get worked up.

So this goes out to Jack in the Box. Please, try not to treat your loyal customers like this. Believe me, I hit Jack in the Box hard enough when I'm in the right state to be considered a loyal customer. Don't fake the throw to all of us poor dogs in the boonies who are aching to fetch some delicious tacos. It's just cruel.

And speaking of research, a few posts ago I asked for help regarding a piece of my nerdy youth. Refer here for the post where I talked about the first home video game console I ever played. I didn't know what it was called, but I remember a clunky, wood-paneled triangle straight out of a 60's Bond movie. Well, HERE IT IS!!! Many thanks to Karen, who found these pics for me.

The Coleco Telstar Arcade. YEAH!!!! You could drive, shoot AND play PONG on this sweet, sexy beast!! I remember playing this as a little kid, thinking it was great and then grabbing a snack from my solid granite fridge while my mom vacuumed with a little elephant on a set of wheels.

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