Friday, March 13, 2009

Today's post...the Deluxe Edition

I picked up Resident Evil 5 today, which marks the end of The Great Game Flood of March '09. This week was pretty bad, including Madworld and a few other games for the Wii. Madworld is freaking awesome and I'll get back to that later. What struck me today was how close I was to plunking down thirty extra bucks for the super-deluxe boxed edition of RE 5.

Here's what you get for the extra cash. Of course, you get the Resident Evil 5 game and an extra disk with videos and probably some gamer pics. There's also a figurine of one character, a necklace that's probably worn by another character, a document bag with the bad guy company logo on it and a patch with the good guy company logo. Plus, I think there was a book with art and other miscellaneous crap. As I stood there in Best Buy, I actually contemplated all the cool things I could do with that bonus swag. I could carry my documents in that bag. Wouldn't that be GREAT? I could sew that patch onto my jacket!! I could give the necklace to Megan for a minor holiday of some sort. I could place that figurine among the Gears of War guys on my desk!! They could have a war!!! YEAH!!!!!!

Then I realized something. I don't carry documents around. I don't wear a jeans jacket or anything else that would support a patch and I've got more than enough plastic people shooting each other on top of my desk. Nice try, Capcom. You came THIS close to having my extra $30. I'd feel pretty good about myself if I hadn't already gone on record for plunking down the extra cash for a replica Lancer when I bought Gears 2. Oh well. There's only so much will power to go around.

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