Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Could've been worse

I finally got around to watching the Star Wars Spectacular panel from Comic Con. It was broadcast on G4 and moderated by Kevin and Olivia from Attack of the Show. I'm a big AotS fan, but I felt bad for the poor dudes trying to talk about their Star Wars projects while Olivia was flying around on a caffeine high. You had to see it, but she was playing with a wig and shoving it on top of a guy's head while he was attempting to talk about new content for The Force Unleashed. Normally, any man wouldn't mind having Olivia Munn that close to him, but she was a little overly-amped that day. Still, when I think about some of the other panels I've seen or been on, being molested by a hyperactive hottie isn't so bad.

Love you, Olivia. Next year, just rein it in a little.

This is what happens without editors

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