Saturday, January 17, 2009

Author photo

I was going into a Barnes & Noble one time several years ago when I saw some guy in a suit jacket posing in front of a brick doorway. He had on some glasses and was trying really hard to look aloof and cool while rubbing his chin in introspection. Someone else was taking his picture. I distinctly remember walking by, entering the store and thinking, "What a tool."

That's why I don't like having my own author photo taken. I don't like posing for pics in general because I'm not good at smiling on cue. They always come out as awkward and vaguely disturbing smirks. And not disturbing in a good, "perfect for a horror writer" kind of way. More like in the, "Honey, don't walk little Suzy by that man, ok?" sort of way. I put it off long enough. I need an author photo to go along with various publicity stuff for Skinners. My editor asked for one a while ago and I declined because too many other dudes had stolen my patented "bald guy with glasses and goatee" look. Now, I've just got to suck it up and get in front of the camera.

Fortunately, my wife Megan has a nice camera and a good eye (Some might say she has two. Ba-dum-BUM). She took the author photo for my Galloway westerns and she took this one as well. The weird thing is that I actually like it. Also, I didn't have to meet a photographer somewhere and try to look scholarly in front of a fire exit.

PS - This is NOT the author photo, but it fit well under the words, "What a tool".

This is what happens without editors

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